The itinerary starts from the town of Sitia, where you can visit the old fortress of Kazarma and the Archaeological Museum with exhibits from the wider area.

From Sitia, continue by road to the Toplou Monastery, an important religious centre of eastern Crete, with interesting fortress architecture and excellent examples of byzantine icons.

From Toplou Monastery you continue by road to Vai, the only date palm tree forest in Europe. This rare habitat ends in a beautiful beach with turquoise waters.

From Vai, head to the Minoan Palace of Kato Zakros. It is the fourth largest Minoan palace complex on the island, and dates from 1900BC to 1450BC.

From the Palace of Zakros, you’ll reach the abandoned Venetian settlement of Voila with its tower, two churches and fountains, which is located next to the picturesque settlement of Handras at an altitude of 580m.

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