From Rethymno to Arkadi Monastery and Eleftherna


1 day

The itinerary is by car and starts from the city of Rethymno. Head to the historic monastery of Arkadi, a large monastic complex, a place of self-sacrifice during the Cretan liberation struggle against the Ottomans.

From the Arkadi Monastery, continue to the archaeological museum and site of Eleftherna, an important Hellenistic city with numerous findings exhibited in its museum.

From Eleftherna, stop at the picturesque village of Margarites with the famous pottery workshops. Then, stop shortly in the village of Kalamas to visit the church of Agios Georgios, one of the oldest churches in the area, with mural paintings from the 12th century.

From Kalamas you reach the village of Melidoni and its cave. The cave has impressive decorations and was a place of sacrifice and martyrdom during the Greek War of Independence.

From Anogia to Nida Plateau


1 day

The itinerary is by car and starts from the village of Anogia which is about 50km from Rethymno and 40km from Heraklion.

Starting from the historic village of Anogia with the traditional workshops and the hospitable cafes, you reach the archaeological site of Zominthos, the largest mountainous Minoan building, at an altitude of 1187 m.

From Zominthos you head south to the Nida plateau, a place of geological interest with characteristic stone mitata (round buildings for milking and cheese making). Nearby is the archaeological site – cave of Ideon Antron, the mythical place where Zeus was raised.

From the plateau, you continue to the cave of Zoniana or Sfendoni, one of the few caves accessible to all. From there you return to Anogia.

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