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Church Of Agia Ekaterini and Agios Ioannis Etias

The two churches are in the old Venetian village of Etia between the villages of Armeni and Handras.

The village of Etia was one of the most important settlements of Crete during the Venetian occupation. At the census of 1583 it counted 564 inhabitants. It was a fief of the De Mezzo family, whose mansion is restored within the settlement.

Today the village is abandoned, but it fascinates the visitors with landmarks like the mansion, the two-aisled church of Agia Ekaterini and the Virgin Mary, and the church of Agios Ioannis.

The dating of the two-aisled church remains unclear. It is dedicated to Saint Catherine and the Virgin Mary and probably functioned for both the Orthodox and the Catholic faith.

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