The Project

The “Branding UNESCO regions of Crete” project is implemented in the context of the Operational Program “Crete 2014-2020” of the Region of Crete with the Contracting Authority being the Regional Development Fund of the Crete project.

The areas of Crete included in the UNESCO program are the Samaria Gorge as a “Biosphere Reserve”, Psiloritis and Sitia as Geoparks. The first area to join the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve Network in 1981 is the White Mountains National Park, with the Samaria Gorge. In 2015, the areas of Psiloritis and Sitia were recognized as UNESCO World Geoparks, while in 2020 the Asterousia Mountains will become the fourth UNESCO area of ​​Crete with their inclusion in the Network of Biosphere Reserves.

Each of the regions has unique characteristics both in terms of the natural environment and the special cultural reserve. The visitor throughout the year has the opportunity to discover the Cretan way of life and to explore authentic Cretan landscapes.

Project Purpose

The project is expected to create synergies with other implemented projects and actions (e.g. projects that have been implemented within the framework of various integrated programs such as OSAPY, OPAACH, LEADER, etc.), or projects and actions that are planned to be implemented within the framework of the 2014 programming period – 2020 (e.g. Highlighting the European Path E4, etc.).

A key tool for the interconnection of different actions and events with the UNESCO areas of Crete is the networking of existing and planned infrastructures, which will make the UNESCO areas of Crete an integrated tourist product, which will function in addition to the existing tourist product of the island. This networking will be structured around the idea of ​​activating local rural tourism development poles with infrastructure and activities that will focus on local advantages that can be briefly coded in the following sections:

  • Agricultural Heritage
  • Cultural heritage
  • Environmental Heritage
  • Intangible Cultural Heritage – Historical memory

Within the framework of the project, actions are implemented that contribute to the formation of interlocal cultural routes between the UNESCO regions of Crete by creating a single system of promotion and management. Specifically, a set of digital promotion and marking actions of the UNESCO areas of Crete are implemented, which briefly includes:

  • A) Conventional Marking. Modern and stylish information and information signs are implemented and will be placed as well as the necessary information and information points in selected parts of the areas.
  • B) Digital applications. It is about a set of innovative digital applications that will showcase UNESCO sites around the globe.
  • C) Promotion campaign in the international media and digital platforms as well as participation in a global Tourism exhibition.


















Σχεδιασμός – Ανάπτυξη Aegean Solutions | The project is implemented through the Regional Development Fund of Crete
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