The gorge is close to the old settlement of Aradena. Aradena used to be an important ancient city called Aradin and flourished from Hellenistic to Venetian times, in parallel with the neighbouring city of Anopoli. Due to its strategic location, the gorge became a battlefield during the Ottoman times and the city of Aradena was destroyed by the Turks after a failed revolt against them, led by the Sfakian Daskalogiannis in 1770.
The gorge starts at the southern slopes of the White Mountains, and ends at the beach of Marmara, after 15km. Most visitors start walking from the abandoned village of Aradena, next to the metal bridge, that connects the two sides of the gorge, and end up at the beach after three hours of hiking (7km in total). The bridge is above a cliff of 150m and is used for bungee jumping.
The route is impressive, with some difficult parts with big rocks along the path. As you reach the sea, the vegetation is richer and there are fountains. The gorge ends at the beach of Marmara consisting of white marbles. From there, you can reach the seaside village of Loutro on foot or by boat.

The project is implemented through the Regional Development Fund of Crete
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