Gastronomy – local products

In the past, the economy of the White Mountains was based on small scale activities like stockbreeding, farming, logging, beekeeping, and fishing. Nowadays the tourism industry dominates, with hospitality and restauration, alternative tourism, and adventure services. Only a few businesses continue the traditional production of dairy products, honey, and herbs.

In the mountainous areas above 1500m you can find the koumos or mitato, traditional stone buildings used for milking and cheese making. The cheese is white or yellow and has a unique taste. This is due to the special maturing environment that the mountain provides. The sheep and goat graze freely and eat the herbs of the mountain, giving a superior taste to the cheese.

Events – festivals – traditions

The local festivals or panygyria are a unique opportunity to get to know the people, the customs, and the traditions of the area. For the most part the feasts are defined by the religious calendar as seen below:  

  • Agios Antonios festival on January 17, in Lakki
  • Agios Ioannis festival on June 23, in Sebronas
  • Agios Panteleimon festival on July 25, in Omalos
  • Agios Ioannis festival on August 29 in Prasses
  • Festival on August 15 (celebrating the dormition of the Virgin Mary), in Meskla, Orthouni, Chora Sfakion, Imbros, Asfendou, Kalikratis
  • Agios Dimitrios festival on October 26, in Zourva
  • Agios Georgios Methystis festival on November 3, in Lakkoi
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