From Chania to Loutro Sfakion

93,8 km

1 day

The itinerary starts by car from the city of Chania, towards the Askyfou plateau, a mountainous flatland with small settlements and an Ottoman castle.

From the plateau, we continue south towards the village of Chora Sfakion, driving in parallel with the impressive Imbros gorge. In Chora Sfakion, we suggest you stop at the small Byzantine church of Agii Apostoli (Holy Apostles), with a view to the Libyan Sea.

From Chora Sfakion we take the boat towards the unique beach of Glyka Nera (Sweet Waters). On the beach there is a canteen with snacks and refreshments.

From Glyka Nera we take the boat again, this time towards the picturesque beach side village of Loutro. In Loutro, there is a small church dedicated to the Virgin Mary that was historically important during the Greek War of Independence in the 19th century. Climbing the path, we arrive at the castle where we can enjoy a view towards the sea.

The project is implemented through the Regional Development Fund of Crete
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