The monastery is near the village Kambos Doxaros at the foot of Mount Kouloukonas, 42km away from Rethymno.
We don’t know exactly when the monastery was founded, but the earliest written reference to it is made in a document dating from 1629. The monastery flourished from 1676 to the 18th century. During the Greek War of Independence in 1821, the monastery was destroyed by the Ottomans, while during the Cretan Revolution in 1866, the monks contributed to the liberation struggle. The monastery was abandoned in 1955 and restored in 1998.
The monastery develops in different levels, with buildings dating from different periods. The central pillar dates to 1669 and the fountain to 1673 according to the inscriptions. Relics and other valuable objects are kept and exhibited within the monastery.

The project is implemented through the Regional Development Fund of Crete
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