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Ancient Zominthos

Ancient Zominthos is in the northeast of Psiloritis, 7km away from Anogia, in the middle of the distance between Knossos and Ideon Andron. There, at an altitude of 1187m, archaeologist Yannis Sakellarakis discovered a Minoan settlement 1360m2 large. The settlement was founded in 1900 BC, flourished in 1600 BC and stopped being used around 1400BC.
The main building had more than two or even three floors and was divided into 80 rooms with workshops and storage rooms. It was built with local grey stone and its walls were plastered and decorated. An important find is the pottery workshop of the 16th century BC. It is kept almost intact with its equipment and materials in place.
Furthermore, archaeologists found religious spaces, workshops for the processing of raw materials and the manufacture of objects, like the pottery workshop or the kiln of a coppersmith, and storage vases used to store raw materials like wool and herbs.
These findings suggest that Zominthos was an important economic, religious, and productive centre directly related to the palace of Knossos, and to cult centres like the Ideon Andron.

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