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Ancient Anopoli

This ancient city is in the southwestern edge of the present-day village of Anopoli, on the hill of Agia Ekaterini, overlooking the area. Access to the sea was possible from the old port of Finikas, known today as the village of Loutro.
The ancient city flourished during the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine era. In the third century BC it was conquered by the nearby city of Aradena. The city was fortified and during Hellenistic times, it was among the 30 cities of the island that allied with Eumenes II in 183 BC. Centuries later, the city and the plateau of Anopoli became a refuge for Cretan revolutionaries against the occupying Venetians. After they lost the battle, the city was abandoned and was repopulated again during Ottoman times, when it became important due to its strong navy.
In the archaeological site, we can see parts of the fortification, ruins of houses, parts of the foundation of a big temple, a cistern, and Roman tombs. The excavated parts extend to the Ottoman castle at the south of the hill.

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