Points of interest

Tripiti Gorge (Agios Savvas)

The gorge lies south of the village of Vasiliki. It starts close to the church of Agia Paraskevi, 655m above sea level.

The route is 4km long and is divided into a technical part of about 1.1km and then into a more accessible part, that ends at Tripiti beach. For the descent of the technical part, you will need special equipment because of the many waterfalls.

In the middle of the route is the church of Agios Savvas surrounded by a forest of wild olives. Later, at a spot called Steno Faragi (narrow gorge) the rocks create an impressive passage. Just below, close to the beach, there is the cavernous church of Panagia, whereas, at the exit of the gorge on a hill, lies an important early Minoan settlement.

The project is implemented through the Regional Development Fund of Crete
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